Track Re-Surfacing Project


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Week One Over! Everything that was scheduled to be done has been completed! None of the week one work was reliant on good weather and the rainfall did not hold up works too much, so bear that in mind moving forward. Overall a good start to a large project. a bonus being the refurbishment of the throws cage got under way too, some images included below.

Phase 1

Phase One started on time, old track came up surprisingly quickly, Ken said looks great in his living room! Despite some heavy rainfall all going well so far!

Phase 2

See Images below of next phase, moving along OK but again cannot emphasise enough none of the work to date has been weather dependent! Long may this good weather spell last, we need another three to four weeks, fingers crossed!

Phase 3

Phase Three has now started, the Black Underlay is going down all this week and maybe into next week, will keep you posted. As we were warned on a project like this there would be a week or two of downtime, our team of guys onsite now were held up on their previous project which had a knock on effect to us! Hopefully full steam ahead now. After this stage, the spraying of the track needs to be done and then finally the line painting. The laying of the black underlay was completed on Saturday 21st September. The team worked really hard to get finished ahead of the not so good weather forecast for this week!

Phase 4

After a weather delay the new team of guys arrived on Monday 30th September, after two days of preparation work actual spraying began yesterday (02/10). Track needs two coats of spray so will be dodging weather again to get this stage completed but have some dry days forecast, so fingers crossed. Good day today second coat applied so half the track is now completed! Monday 7th Oct, spray team back onsite this week, masking rest of track off, now a waiting game for dry days. Latest update as of 16th Oct – One more coat has been applied last Thursday, which means one more coat required on 200m of track. No luck so far with the final coat, so frustrating for everybody, the spray team have been waiting every day,  almost started a few times then another shower comes along. Main issue is track just not getting a chance to dry out, it must be bone dry before they can start to spray. The weather makes it extremely difficult and obviously has had a knock on effect on the line marking company as they are running behind on other jobs too. Really impossible to predict but would say if track completed by end of this month we will be doing very well. Will continue to update here as soon as know more or if anything changes. At last some good news, Sunday 22nd October the final coat of paint was applied to the remainder of the track so that phase is completed. We just need lines now, sadly another process that needs dry weather, but at least spray phase is now done!

Phase 5

Premier Line Markings arrived on Friday 25th October, first few days were spent marking out the main white lanes with chalk. Good weather today 28th Oct has meant the white lane lines are being painted as I write! Lots more marking and line painting to be done but good progress so far! Forecast looking dry for next two days so will update towards end of week, hopefully by then will be able to let you know a possible opening day! Update 29th Oct, rained quite a lot today wasn’t expected, so although was able to continue marking out some lines did lose a few hours painting time! Update 30th Oct, good day made excellent progress. Getting close now one more full dry day with no hiccups and lines could be done!