Track pass application forms are now available from the Track office and are also downloadable from the pricing section of our website.

All current passes will run out on March 31st 2020, new annual passes will start from April 1st 2020.

The development of the new facility at Norman Park will hopefully start sometime within the next year – certainly not before September, but as soon as possible thereafter.  Everything will be done to minimise the disruption to the track, and we are hopeful of keeping as much of the track open for business as possible throughout the construction period.  In the event that, despite our efforts, disruption prevents use of the track for any substantial period, we will review any impact on pass holders and may consider offering a suitable rebate.

Generally, an annual pass is substantially more cost effective than the pay as you go option and we would expect that to remain the case for the 2020/2021 period. However, we are dealing with many unknowns at this stage and cannot make any guarantees, so please consider carefully the value of an annual pass versus the pay as you go option.