1. No standing, walking or jogging in Lanes 1-3 under any circumstances.

2. All warm up and easy running/strides must be carried out in correct direction i.e anti-clockwise.

3. Always look left and right before crossing the track.

4. No group to use more than 5 lanes at any time.

5. DANGER – Never cross the throwing field inside the ropes. Heavy throwing implements are lethal weapons and can kill you!!

6. Hammer throwers must fill in their own holes after each session.

7. All throws must be made from the proper throwing area in the correct direction.

8. Young athletes (under 16s) must be supervised by a coach when throwing, hurdling or using poly metric boxes. Parents may supervise but for their own children only.

9. Sprint groups to use the lanes 3, 4, 5 & 6.

10. Middle distance groups to use inside 2 lanes.

11. 6mm pyramid spikes only when using the track.

12. All equipment must be returned after use and put away tidily where it was found.

13. All water bottles and bags to be kept off the track.

14. No Ball games are allowed to be played at the track or surrounding area.

15. All athletes under 16 must be supervised by a coach every evening due to high numbers of people using the track and the health and safety implications. All under 16 athletes not under supervision of a coach will be asked to leave.

16. Children and non-athletes must remain outside the track perimeter whilst training sessions are going on.

17. NO earphones to be on the track or field at anytime.

18. Bicycles, rollerskates/blades and skateboards are NOT to be used within the track grounds.

19. Clothing/Kit – Appropriate training gear must be worn at all times especially when Junior Athletes are also using the Track.

For your own pleasure and safety please be considerate of other athletes. Track staff have been asked to ensure that athletes follow the above guidelines at all times. Failure to do so may result in athletes being asked to leave the track.

Please help us keep Norman Park a safe and happy place to train.

Norman Park Track Management Ltd