Dear Athletes, Coaches, Parents/Guardians and Spectators,

We at Norman Park Track Management Ltd continue to do our utmost to support the needs of our users and coaches during the ongoing COVID pandemic, while ensuring that we do so in line with health and safety guidance from the Government/England Athletics.

We were one of the very first tracks in the country to meet initial Government guidelines and open up to the public, albeit with only 1-1 coaching at the start and 5-1 coaching/6 people groups most recently.  This has been a success due to the great efforts of our management and staff in creating a safe environment, but also to the commendable willingness of attendees to adhere to the Risk Assessment requirements that we have put in place.

Recently, new guidelines for group sizes have been issued by England Athletics, which allow for group sizes to be increased to a maximum of 12 athletes.  However, we have decided to proceed cautiously by initially moving to a maximum of 10, taking account of the way in which the safe track zones are constructed and in depth consultation with many of the coaches who use our facilities.

To date, we have implemented COVID mitigation measures such as:

1) the appointment of a COVID Co-ordinator – Steve Rowe (Track Manager);

2) the production, implementation, and updating of a clearly drafted Risk Assessment document (which can be found on our website);

3) the introduction of safe distancing areas and protocols established through Zonal track usage and training slots with buffer for arrival and departure – a complex task which has required a great deal of work on the part of the coaching coordinator, Roy Dickens, with input from fellow coaches and a dedicated steering committee.

However, in order to increase the size of training groups, we must take further steps to minimise the risk posed by COVID 19 when increasing capacity on site.  In particular, there are two new, prudent conditions that we must satisfy to achieve the status of what England Athletics describe as a ‘COVID Secure environment’ (necessary to permit the larger groups).  These two conditions involve capturing a limited amount of personal information from all attendees; namely:-

1)      A COVID 19 Health Screening Questionnaire, (see attachment above). This is designed to be a one-off health check to ascertain whether a visitor is clear of any COVID symptoms and can be permitted to access Norman Park Track.  This questionnaire will be sent to you when you book a track slot and the responses of all attendees will be collated via a password protected database controlled by the COVID Co-ordinator.   To save regular track users having to complete the questionnaire afresh before each visit, we will retain the completed questionnaire until the current public health crisis ends, unless the user requests that we delete the information.  If the user does so request, the information will be deleted 3 weeks (21 days) after the visit, and he/she will have to complete a fresh questionnaire before any subsequent visit.

2)      A Contact Information Form (see attachment above). This is a requirement intended to support the NHS “Test and Trace” scheme.  The contact information form must be completed on arrival at the track and it will be provided contactless via your mobile phone using a QR Code which will be displayed at the entrance to the track.  It will gather basic contact information (name, email address, phone number, date/time of visit).  This information will also be held via a password protected database controlled by the COVID Co-ordinator, but would be released to the authorities (only upon legitimate request) administering the “Test and Trace” scheme.  The information will be deleted after 21 days of the visit to which it relates.

We are all very conscious of the need to protect any visitors to Norman Park as best we can.  Therefore, while we appreciate that these new requirements may be inconvenient, we fully support them and are doing our best to minimise the impact that they may have on your experience with us.   However, should you decide not to complete either of these questionnaires, then as of 3rd August 2020, we would regrettably have to deny you access to the track.

We would like to thank you in advance for your continued custom and we promise that we will continue to try our hardest to provide you with a safe, practical, high quality and friendly environment.

Best wishes,

The Team at Norman Park Track Management Ltd.