Norman Park Track is a UKA accredited facility and is always in demand. As well as sporting events, organisations can book the track, subject to payment of the appropriate fee and the availability of the track by requesting a booking form. Email us at Please note before booking: with the exception of Guide Dogs, Bromley Council bye-laws DO NOT ALLOW DOGS in the arena area.

You can use the search form below to filter booked dates quickly, for example, 05.19  will show all current bookings for May 2019

25.11.1918.00-19.00BeesBees Academy
27.11.1918.00-19.00BeesBees Academy
30.11.1909.00-10.00BeesBees Academy
02.12.1918.00-19.00BeesBees Academy
04.12.1918.00-19.00BeesBees Academy
07.12.1909.00-10.00BeesBees Academy
09.12.1918.00-19.00BeesBees Academy
11.12.1918.00-19.00BeesBees Academy
14.12.1909.00-10.00BeesBees Academy
16.12.1918.00-19.00BeesBees Academy
18.12.1918.00-19.00BeesBees Academy
21.12.1909.00-10.00BeesBees Academy